Welcome to AMS Studio

  • 08:00 - 17:00

    monday - saturday

  • No.8 CC Onoh Close, Zone E,

    Zone E, Legislators Qtrs, Apo - Abuja

About AMS Studio

AMS have a well- equipped and standard music studio with large variety of instruments where all music creations and productions are done. Without well-equipped studios, we wouldn’t have any of the high- quality music we have today. With our creativity and experience, AMS Studio is aimed at providing quality and well- equipped facility for artists and musicians to record much higher quality music than they could at home in their living room.
Every client is unique and will want to do something different, AMS studio producers are well experienced and knowledgeable in the arts of music, and so recognizes the most productive way to do things in each situation.
Come, book a session with us and have a beautiful experience.

What We Offer

AMS Studio is a recording studio open for rehearsals and music productions in a conducive and serene environment. Our purpose is to provide quality sound, rhythm and record services as well as professional studio engineer to produce and direct musicians and artistes.

AMS Studio offer outstanding studio services such as:

Rehearsal session

Music production


Editing and more

Rental of sound and light instruments for events/functions

Studio session (Digital & Analogue)

Our Expertise

Since the second quarter of the year, AMS have been working on having its own musical studio and we are glad it’s finally here.

Sound Recording
Audio Production
Digital Audio Post Production